volga 70 for sale, 7600 euro

Selling your Volga/Molnia boat or parts? Post here..
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volga 70 for sale, 7600 euro

Post by Daan » Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:42 pm


As you can see in my other topics, i was able to purchase 2 more Volga's. I was able to buy 2 volga's in one time, so now i have 3 volga 70's. That is just to mutch for me to restore.

So that’s why i’m selling 2 of them. This one was in my opinion a really good buy for not a lot of money. The previous owner was ‘flying’ this one himself, before he took it apart. Is plan was to restore it completely, but because of emigration to another country, he couldn’t do it anymore. Wings are in extremely good shape. This one is totally hand sanded. He told me it took him more than 200 hours of sanding. Because of that, all the nails are in really good shape. The first pics are before he started to take it apart and was sanding it. Other pictures are after that. Boat is in good shape. It has some small aluminium work, but not a lot.

There is no engine, but if you want, I can deliver the original v8 from my other Volga. I will not use that engine. The original v drive is there, and also the stainless steel axel and prop. All in good shape, Also the engine cover, steering sytem etc. is there. Basically, it needs small bodywork, engine, paint and reassembling.

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This boat is still in Latvia. The other one that I have for sale is in Holland. Both boats are more or less in the same shape.


volga upside down.jpg
buik klein.jpg
achterkant vleugel.jpg
wings small.jpg
volga's small.jpg

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