my volga is for sale

Selling your Volga/Molnia boat or parts? Post here..
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my volga is for sale

Post by Daan » Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:15 am

Hello Everybody,

My volga is for sale. I sell it, because I was able to buy another one. 2 Volga’s to restore is a bit to much for me.
I bought this one about 2 years ago and stripped it completely for painting. I also marinsed a Mercedes om 603 turbodiesel with all new components. I delevers originally 147 HP, but now it is around 180 hp. The engine is an original ‘tauragregat’ wich means it is totally renewed by Mercedes.

The Volga 70 is from 1980 and in good shape. It is complete with original axel and prop, good v-drive, steering sytem, etc. Everything is still working. Basically it needs some small work on the aluminium (it has some bumps) and painting. And off course the engine needs to be placed in. The engine hood is missing.
My price is 15.000 euro including the Mercedes engine. If you are only interested in the boat without engine, than we should discuss the posibilitys. At this moment this Volga is next to my house in the Netherlands.
If you are interested, just let me know. Off course, i have a lot more pictures if you are interested.


Volga Strela 1.jpg
zijkant 2.jpg
turbo nieuw.jpg
volga uit schuur.jpg

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