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Message to Boris

Post by Georg Weinstabl » Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:36 am

From: Boris Troyanovskiy []
Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 3:50 PM
Subject: Volga Hull

Hello Georg,

My frend wants to sell own Volga and people at told him that after restoration with new engine the hull will be OK max 3-4 year with very carefull using. I just asked about new plastic hull of Volga at the factory in St.Petersburg. What do you think, It would be interesting for other customers the hew plastic hull of Volga at 9000-10000 Euro or not? No reason to do one plastic hull at the factory for this restoration project.


Best regads,
Boris Troyanovskiy, IE
198320, St.Petersburg, Krasnoe Selo,
4 Gatchinskoe Shosse, build. 1, apt. 141
tel. +7 9626841650From: Georg Weinstabl []
айрашан катер и мои фотки 037.JPG
Louis the 99th chair in a Russian volga 70
айрашан катер и мои фотки 038.JPG
айрашан катер и мои фотки 041.JPG
айрашан катер и мои фотки 039.JPG
Looks to be like a loly-pop-cruiser

Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 2:19 AM
To: 'Boris Troyanovskiy'
Subject: RE: Volga Hull

Dear Boris,

What shall I tell you? We are all Volga Enthusiasts and some of us would not buy something else … The design is old and same as RIVA does not built their boats of the 60ties, it should be clear that someone should not follow making a copy of this, if he intends to do it commercially. The boat was surely a hit, when it approached an unprepared market and was JAWBREAKING. It was same length and maybe even same speed, but with only one engine when the contemporaries had to install double of the power.

To make it a jawbreaker again, someone should follow the footprints of brilliant ‘Sir’ Rostislav Evgienovich Alexeev. But stay ‘’retro’’ like the MINI, offer more space, more useage, more Luxury … according to me more wood, original retro design, less fuel consumption (solar power charge–ups, hybrids and propulsion via pod drive to be modern) … eliminating steering problems because of the foil design which creates problems steering in tight marinas.

This is my personal idea or thoughts. You will find of course people that would like to buy a replica … , but how many? If we go comercial we all want to earn money. Anything else is a hobby (like ours), we waste our money in (restoring Volga 70s). These few Volga 70 enthusiasts are not a crowd to make anybody rich. But a FINE RETRO would be the right approach. Look at the Russian Watchmakers … they are very stylish, very modern and in some cases internationally outstanding. So why buy a swiss watch, when Ivan has the same or even better?

If you would like to do something in this direction, I would glad to help you on your way to do it. So let me know what you want to do and I will try to assist you.

Best regards,
Georg Weinstabl
Motorboat ''Flying Carpet''

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