Boat show 2018

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Boat show 2018

Post by JanisJanis »

Hi. I am new user of this forum from Latvia. Togather with friends I own Volga hydrofoil damaged who need renovation. We plan start renovation project but before start we want to see some already renovated volgas or volga projests who are in renovation process. Also we plan to wisit Cologne boat show 2018 in this month.
Maybe somebody know-what is interesting to see in boat show for Volga owners, wich exebitors is most important to attend who can help in volga projec. Also maybe somebody can tell where in europe (maybe not far from Cologne-Germany, Netherlanda, Belgium, Poland we can see some well renovated Volgas.
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Re: Boat show 2018

Post by Mark »

hello Janis,

Welcom to the club!

sadly the forum is a little thin visited..
I got your second message, and will send you a Mail.


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Re: Boat show 2018

Post by olaf »

Hi Janis,

Unfortunatly I am not in the country. I think you mean the Düsseldorf boat show. As I know from last year there is only a small part where are restauration companies. The better exhibition for reift with a greater Part for oldtimers is the Berlin boat show in November.

Have nice days at the exhibition.
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Re: Boat show 2018

Post by Volgovod » ... t-perfekt/
my Volga renovation project. In Russian. Goooogle will help:)
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